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About Me

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Educators play a pivotal role in shifting mindsets and inspiring change. I strive to engage and connect with people to solve social problems collaboratively. We need to embrace diversity, work inclusively and build strong communities if we want to tackle the global challenges facing us today.

My focus on humanity, questions about equity & curiosity about effective community programming started as a child growing up in rural Zimbabwe. I am a 6th generation African and strive to understand the political, economic, and social complexities of fragile nations, the long-term effects of colonization, the ramifications of violence, and the challenges around decolonisation and reconciliation.

My deep compassion for the human experience and the lasting grief of being forced from my community is why I have a burning desire to support others experiencing the same.

See LinkedIn for professional details.

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I am passionate about people, culture and community. I’m off travelling whenever I can and purposely take the road less travelled to connect with people on a deeper level.

I travelled solo through Mongolia by motorbike, hitch-hiked the coast of Colombia on supply boats, navigated the back trails of Madagascar, & traversed Asia & Africa on all types of public transport. The picture (left) is of our students in Cambodia – the whole village came for a feast at the end of the semester. My happy place is always with the community.

Outside of my job, I find meaningful work supporting those that need a “leg-up”. I currently coach neuro-diverse and migrant clients to build confidence to advocate for themselves in their workplaces and grow professionally.