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Research & Ventures

Care4Crisis is a professional development hub built for teachers, with teachers, in emergency settings. It offers micro-learning courses offline and integrates learning essential for crisis settings such as self-care, child safeguarding, inclusion and trauma-informed practice. The hub offers structures for peer support & resource sharing. The MVP was built collaboratively with teachers from the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi, leveraging design features applicable to offline learning, rapid localization & cost-effective scale. My research explored how organisations were leveraging technology to improve learning and well-being in conflict settings. I analysed the practices of development teams and identified processes and attributes that proved beneficial for success, finishing with recommendations for funders, INGOs & development teams to consider for impact.

Restorative Justice Tools is our solution to community reconciliation. Our toolkit offers an online guide for grassroots community facilitators to tailor and run restorative justice workshops using a problem-based learning framework. Learners analyze the root causes of problems within their community and then explore case studies of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs) held around the world to investigate what methods were effective for change. Learners then collaborate to develop a contextualized model of a TRC suitable to their community based on the unique needs, history and challenges.

Climate Detectives: Open for Business is a project-based, collaborative learning experience, which leverages Augmented Reality. Through play, children learn about the wider impact of pandemics, climate change and natural disasters and decide how to rebuild sustainably. Players act as consultants for their towns, making tough choices along the way. Designed for ages 7 through to 15. The original version has been iterated further by peers at Mighty Curious Games & went to market in April 2023.